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Now that ceremony is done, the work begins...

Things to know Post Ceremony

Maybe you feel the Love, maybe you had a heavy ego death, or maybe you just saw colorful geometry  and you are thinking what is going on? Well, welcome to your post ceremony journey. Drinking with Aya is only part of the sacred plant medicine process. To capture fully and carefully what your experience has shown will take time. The process can't be rushed, but if you aren't mindful of the post ceremony process, you will be asking yourself what just happened. To help with the integration process we suggest you are in tuned with these 5 things we have listed on this page.



Yes, listening to your body means giving what it needs, especially if you need rest. You will discover that you need physical rest, nourishment, and even hydration. A well-rested body is more susceptible to welcoming the healing from the plant medicine. So, listen to your body on how it wants to be nourished with food, how it intends to move or rest and how it wishes to connect spiritually. Remind yourself that you turn to ayahuasca because you want to heal. You can tune back into the body to find body-based healing from trauma. You can re-establish the connection necessary for your continued recovery by listening to your body.


Practice to connect to yourself each day, you need to carve out a time to keep your mind still. You can sit and meditate or watch your thoughts as you do the dishes. Aside from watching your thoughts, it is essential that you also dedicate some time to feeling your emotions because that can be very helpful. However, this practice can also be anything you do regularly, especially one that encourages reflection and introspection. Practicing yoga, art, journaling or cooking are among the activities you can do with intention. It’s also highly recommended that you take the time to devote a little time to an activity that nurtures a connection to self.



Aside from reconnecting with yourself, you have to welcome the power of ayahuasca and claim healing by having a thankful spirit. Gratitude boosts the immune system, improves mental health, increases optimism, and improves relationships. Yes, practicing gratitude could help you to continue the healing process weeks after going home from your aya trip. Gratitude’s positive benefits to one’s health are given. So, it’s best to practice t daily and incorporate it into your daily routine. It takes you out from the ego-self and into the higher self. This more elevated state of consciousness initiates self-repair, self-regulation, and healing.


Another helpful thing you can do is find a community, like Soul Quest or an organization with people who have gone through the same thing as you. Those who spend time at SQ usually make an immediate connection and develop lifelong friendships. You are now part of the Soul Quest Community. Surround yourself with people on the same journey as you and as committed to their healing as you. However, it might not be easy to find a group of people who share the same experience when you return home. But, it is essential that you stay connected to a community that supports your journey because a lack of understanding and connection could hurt your healing process.



If you don’t go out to enjoy the scenery out of your home, it’s probably time to change your mind. This does NOT mean you need to travel abroad to a rainforest. Take nature breaks because it naturally relaxes your mind and will leave you feeling refreshed with a renewed sense of energy. IF you have a park or trailhead close to you, get out and enjoy the fresh air and include all your senses. There are many things that you can enjoy in nature that can contribute to your healing. Simple green environments naturally uplift spirits; this can even be your backyard. You can also bring nature into your office or home by hanging a picture of nature or installing wallpaper on your computer screen. 

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