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Andres Martinez

Integration Specialist


Certified, Life Coach

Certified,Wholistic Lifestyle Coach

A Bit About Me

The sobering statistic of 22 Veterans a day committing suicide was enough to fuel Andres Martinez’s resolve. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicide are just a handful of the mental hurdles our vets have to overcome. He decided to dedicate the rest of his life to ensuring that some day, within his lifetime, this number drops to zero.


The idea of serving others is something left to interpretation. Some attend academic institutions to learn concepts and techniques of service. While others learn on the job, relying on mentors, bosses, and colleagues to show them the way. Both paths are powerful avenues to gain knowledge. However, neither path can help one develop the commitment to serve humanity selflessly. There are few individuals who are simply, “born to serve.” The desire to willingly, without reward, serve others is a gift. Andres Martinez was blessed with that gift.

Born in 1981, in “The City That Never Sleeps”, he spent his childhood, as any other child there does, growing up in the fast paced hustle of NYC. Upon completing his freshman year in high school, Andres was informed he and his family would be relocating and calling Colombia, South America his future home. Ultimately, he graduated high school there. Following high school, he returned to his beloved, New York City, thanks to the graciousness of his aunts. Upon his return, he found that some of his childhood companions had garnered the ability to move on and experience life in a positive manner. However, most were still stuck in the same stagnant behavior that defined their previous lives. It was this realization that ultimately led him to make a decision that would forever change his own life.

While working at the Queens Center Mall, he happened upon a recruiter for the United States Army. Service was in his blood, as his father and grandfather had both previously served in the military. On the advice of his mother, who always spoke of the honor of joining the military, he enlisted without hesitation. In the summer of 2001, he signed on the dotted line and dedicated himself to a life of service. Stationed in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky with the 101s t Airborne Division, he followed the path of service with honor that he had laid out for himself. Unfortunately, one day, one decision, one action, changed everything. In preparation for Operation Iraqi Freedom, during a deployment readiness exercise, he fell and injured both of his heels. The resulting injury required the use of prescription pain medication. Thus, this injury led to a downward spiral. After returning to KY, he was asked to leave the Army for an isolated incident involving the use of cannabis.   Fortunately, due to his impeccable tenure and solid standing, he was given a general discharge under honorable conditions.

When your life is shattered, the path of least resistance is depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. A “why did this happen to me” mentality begins to take hold. Andres battled every one of these issues, and more. Losing his physical health, strength, and a place to call home, he knew changes needed to be made. This massive turning point came about when he met the mother of his 3 beautiful children, Athena. Together, they turned over a new leaf, and set forth on a positive path for healing.

A few years into the relationship, they were blindsided with daunting news, his mother-in-law had a brain tumor. This crisis completely changed her and the whole family. New daily health regimens were introduced. Diet and exercise were incorporated. Most importantly, a conscious shift in mindset was required, “Create a positive outlook on the future regardless of the circumstances unfolding before you”.

His former mother-in-law went into remission and miraculously suffers minimal effects from the tumor to this day.

Andres had a revelation, visualizing first hand, how changes in your daily lifestyle can impact, and ultimately, save your life. He generated an expeditious life assessment.

Letting go of who he thought he was, he chose to accept himself regardless of his past and make room for what was meant to be. In this way, setting the stage for him to become a better man & a better father.

This radical mind shift was the stimulus that preceded the intense life decisions that followed. It started with a clean diet. Then, realizing he needed to work out the body, in order to strengthen the mind. He also sought out new careers, working with ISC/NASCAR, Alorica/DIRECTV, and Wyndham Vacation Ownership. Most recently, he worked with a local painting company as their Operations Manager. After being laid off due to COVID-19, he set on a new course, achieving certifications as a Life coach and a Holistic Lifestyle coach. In this way he was able to use his personal life experiences to help people reach his or her own highest potential. He knew that his own personal change was not enough. He needed to share his intimate story of struggle, determination, hope, and love with the staggering number of Veterans who are still floundering in darkness.


"Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in. "

~ Isaac Asimov

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