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Dieta Prep for Ceremony

How Does the Dieta Prepare the Mind and Body for Ceremony?


Your desire to meet Ayahuasca was a result of a need to understand certain aspects of your life. Part of this desire is prepping yourself for the experience. This is the reason we have a dieta. Due to the food we consume daily, our bodies are filled with toxins that can inhibit your success at your retreat. By adhering to a strict diet beforehand, you are helping to rid your body of toxins from consuming foods with salt, sugar, and caffeine. WE KNOW this can be difficult and challenging. Making some time with Chef Jennifer can cut through hours of reading online and hoping you get it right.  The Dieta doesn’t have to be tasteless and boring!


There’s no secret to knowing that our life is the result of what we eat and who we eat it with. These choices and interactions shape the life you are living.


On a physical level, ayahuasca travels through your body and identifies what should be released, physically and emotionally. AYA is intelligent! Respecting your body and the plant is a priority! Showing up and presenting your body as a temple, as clean as possible is essential.


By strictly adhering to this  dieta, those toxins within the body will dissipate, and it will show how serious your intentions truly are. Following the dieta can be challenging. Our western world diet is filled with salt, sugar and caffeine, but this doesn’t yield the best result when interacting with the sacred plant, Ayahuasca. According to indigenous tradition, this proper way of eating helps you develop your relationship with the plants’ spirit. However, should you accidentally eat something that is not recommended, we don’t want you to feel stressed as we understand that mistakes do happen, and the important thing is that you do your best.


By following this diet, you will also cleanse your entire digestive system, and you may even notice an improvement in gas, bloating, and any digestive discomfort you may have experienced prior to beginning the dieta.


Chef Jennifer can guide you in the preparation of food that is flavor-filled and cleansing for the best results in your interaction with Ayahuasca.

About Chef Jennifer

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Jennifer has always dedicated her passion for holistic and organic vegan chemical free lifestyle to her family. Now she can extend that to help others seeking a healthier life style through physical strength training and better eating habits. Her knowledge and experience of over 15 years has made her the ultimate "GO-TO" professional with many friends and associates for advice on a healthier lifestyle. Looking forward to harnessing those skills learned with others focusing on personalized plans for each individual on specific needs such as adrenal fatigue, inflammation, female hormonal reset, Eco living, Holistic healing, Detoxification, and meal planning and weight loss.


Jennifer also has an extraordinary professional background within freelance fashion styling, event coordinating, home organization and has worked as a production manager. The skills from her previous roles have served her well as the Chef, go to expert and knowledge base for nutrition and food prep in the Soul Quest Community. For the past 7, Chef Jennifer has been creating highly sensitive menus for the Soul Quest staff and guests that are partaking in the sacred plant medicine of ayahuasca.


Her keen eye for detail, flair for style and passion for design made her one of the most sought after consultants in Orlando. She has been featured in Orlando Style Magazine as a model. She has been in several film and music video projects and has assisted as a production manager.

Jennifer understands the importance of customer service and balancing life and work. As a mother of 3, she thrives on meeting challenges and enjoys working with individuals and families to design a better solution for balancing they're goals more efficiently. Jennifer brings a broad array of skills, expertise and creative ideas wherever she goes.

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