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Meet the
Integration Specialists

Each Integration Specialist brings a wealth of knowledge about plant medicines. They are well versed and trained in integrating your experience for lasting transformation.
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Christopher Cobb

Men's Integration Specialist

There is no fluff here. His approach is: Straight forward, honest, and raw, and will offer a space that allows you to be exactly that for yourself.

Brandon Pickard

Integration Specialist

Annette Franklin

Integration Specialist

Her psycho-spiritual integration methods assist clients in navigating any reality they face. 

Grace Charles

Integration Specialist

It's important to stay connected to your tribe/community through integration in order to maneuver around the emotions and all that was seen

Steve Twohig.jpg
Steven Twohig

Shadow Guide

Shadow is the unseen relationships between people, places, things, and events. Shadow work is the practice of diving into the algorithm of the mind to awaken the sacred in you.

angela r.jpeg
Angela Raine

Integration Specialist

We are the medicine and all the answers we may be seeking, are within.

Ken S.jpg
Ken Stanley

Integration Specialist

Specializes in pre and post ceremony integration and holds space on our weekly integration group

Ben Heimann

Integration Specialist

With the willingness to meet you where you are he has the heart to assist you to get where you want to be.

Penny Kring.jpg
Penny Kring

Integration Specialist

My purpose is to help women who are on their path to joy and healing.

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Lori Drell

Integration Specialist

Lori holds a judgement-free space of grounded loving presence which encourages vulnerability in going to those painful places within ourselves and meet them with gratitude and love.

thumbnail_Panama Headshot_edited.jpg
Darren Wendroff

Integration Specialist

There is a path that presents itself when one is ready. It requires courage, determination, self faith and surrender, but it proves itself to you through a sense of healing, wholeness and an unburdening.

Dr Tiff Riley.jpg
Dr. Tiffany Riley

Integration Specialist

Her coaching abilities allow her to integrate Western medicine and functional medicine with the benefits of sacred plant medicine journeys.

happy coach headshot.jpg
Andres Martinez

Integration Specialist

There are few individuals who are simply, “born to serve.” The desire to willingly, without reward, serve others is a gift.

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