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Darren Wendroff

Integration Specialist


  • Certified, Integration Coach

A Bit About Me

Hi I’m Darren *Pray hand symbol*

Thank you for visiting my page. As I tell many in integration groups I lead, I appreciate being a small part of this powerful journey you’re on because what you're doing takes courage, and that is inspiring. 


I’ve been where you’re at, though there are many reasons why people seek a coach for this work. Though, to me, the main reason is that we’re seeking something. 


My story is not unique. I had clinical depression and anxiety since I was 10 when my parents began to separate. For 30 plus years I teetered on suicide and constant breakdowns, barely getting through the day. I would cry on the way to work, spend weekends in bed and go on and off pharmaceutical drugs to dial in the dosage only to get temporary relief and still feel empty. I sought therapist after therapist to find one who really understood my struggle to find a breakthrough only to fall later and begin anew. All the while feeling less than, a failure, ashamed and broken with a feeling that I. Just. Can’t. Get. Better. 


I felt empty, apathetic, as if nothing made me happy. No matter what I accomplished, it wasn’t enough. I lacked purpose, felt so along, like everyone was moving forward except me. 


I felt an anger and regret for a past I could never change or let go of. I was stuck in a victim mentality, a perspective that damaged every experience and relationship. And even though I forgave, I could not forget. Or forgive if I’m being truthful. 


In 2012, my mother passed away from Stage 4 Stomach Cancer. I had been her caregiver for four months prior to her passing, and I became trapped in an endless pit of grief as if a piece of my heart had died with her. Seven years later my father passed away, and I was crippled with regret and knew I was in danger. If I did not find something, immediately, I would take my life. I was broken and could not break further. 


And that’s when I found the first step on my journey toward wholeness. It appeared seemingly from nowhere, by chance. You can read my story here, but it’s not unique. It’s very human, and I think many feel the same. 


There is a path that presents itself when one is ready. It requires courage, determination, self faith and surrender, but it proves itself to you through a sense of healing, wholeness and an unburdening. And it puts things in perspective so that one day one realizes that our suffering was part of the journey. A key part. 


And that is what I look to discover with you through integration coaching, the path toward healing and becoming whole.