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Jamie PK

Integration Specialist


Motivational Speaker


Retreat Facilitator


Life Coach


Shadow Guide


Energy Worker


Integration Practitioner

A Bit About Me

Being raised in Oregon, by parents that embraced natural modalities of healing, Jamie has a lifetime of spiritual growth and exposure to plant-based medicines. It took her 30 years to own her skills and strengths, which Momma Aya was instrumental in shortening that time. As a Licensed Professional Counselor for 20+ years, Jamie PK has grown her skills as a Motivational Speaker, Retreat Facilitator, Life Coach, Shadow Guide, Energy Worker and Integration Practitioner. Experiencing firsthand that healing comes from being guided to your own answers, Jamie is mindful in her approach to guiding others to their truth. As a spouse to a combat burn survivor (Veteran), she was led to guide people to embracing their healing from trauma, addiction, depression and suicidal ideation. There are times we get stuck, creating and becoming comfortable in our blockage. Recognizing is the first step. If you are ready to do the work, now is the time. Clients are known to appreciate Jamie’s lovingly direct, no-non-sense and down-to-earth approach. As she attends/volunteers/facilitates ceremonies monthly and works full-time as a Psycho-Spiritual practitioner, she is connected as a student and guide, making her practices current and authentic. Or you can reach out, if you just want to share cool stories about life’s adventures.