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James "Jay" Wise

Integration Specialist


  • Facilitator

  • Soul Quest Integration coach

  • Certified Psychosynthesis coach

A Bit About Me

         Jay has a natural gift to connect with people on a deeper level. His ability to guide others to identify their issues that are keeping them from living a happy and balanced life opens pathways to work through these burdens. Through showing alternative ways to shift our mindset, he is able to lead others to truth, authenticity and a more positive outlook in personal and transpersonal aspects of life. The foundation of his coaching practice is a method of transpersonal psychology called “Psychosynthesis” which taught him a unique way to guide others towards a more purposeful and meaningful life keeping the client with his or her individual needs, experience, and knowledge in the center. His training with the Psychospiritual Institute is based on different methods and techniques that he uses as tools to direct his clients to see their true selves and become more present and self-aware.

His own life experience has confronted him early on with deep mental health issues in his immediate environment. He was surrounded by family members who were victims of physical and sexual abuse leading them to unhealthy choices like substance abuse as well as trauma responses like fearful lifestyle, depression, and anxiety. He had to learn how to support them through their struggles which also led to his own traumas in life. Also, his time in the military with different combat deployments exposed him to traumatic experiences amplifying his previous challenges from childhood. Through deep inner work and personal development, he has mastered to overcome these issues. His personal healing journey has given him an understanding how to guide and support others on theirs. Through his time in the military, he has also a strong desire to support his fellow veterans to actively work on overcoming their traumas. 

         Jay has discovered that his purpose in life lays in supporting and guiding people on their healing path through his own journey of self-exploration, -realization, and -transformation. He has been on a spiritual path for 14 years which started with Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret” which led him to a vast array of studies (e.g., human behavior, mindset and personal development, emotional patterns, and trauma response), participate in workshops (shadow-work, mindset, law of attraction), and enroll in the Psychosynthesis training program. His quest of self-discovery also included the exploration of plant medicines a few years ago. Working with sacred plants continued his personal transformation and sparked an even deeper desire to support others to find relive from their issues in life. In 2021 he travelled to Peru to experience the traditions, culture, and ancient ways of sacred plant medicine ceremonies. He learned from the Indigenous tribes, ways of embracing joy, happiness, light and also strength through these sacred medicines. Jay has supported many on their plant medicine journeys and afterwards as a psycho-spiritual integration coach.