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Discovering the Magic Within

Jnana Experience
A Soul Quest Collaboration Event
Jnana is knowledge, which refers to any cognitive event that is correct and true over time. Jñāna, sometimes transcribed as gyaan, means "knowledge" in Sanskrit. The root jñā- is cognate to English "know". It mainly refers to knowledge inseparable from the total experience of its participant. In Hinduism, knowledge gives spiritual liberation. Jnana also connotes the meaning of "self-consciousness, awareness" in the absolute mind and relative "intellectual understanding," respectively. The Jnana Retreat is a seven-day psychospiritual event space that pursues knowledge with questions such as "who am I, what am I" among others.

As an attendee meditates, reflects, and reaches liberating insights on the nature of one's own Self (Atman, soul) and its relationship to the metaphysical through a variety of modalities that include shadow work, yoga, breathwork, and sacred plant medicines. This Retreat's path of knowledge is intended for those who prefer philosophical reflection and requires study and meditation. For example, the yoga modality at this retreat is the path towards attaining jnana. The Retreat goal aims to realize the oneness of the individual Self and the ultimate Self and show you practical ways and habits to living a WHOLE life with lasting transformation.


Modalities during the Jnana Experience

Cacao Ceremony 

2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Small Group Coaching 



Family Constellation

Shadow Work

Morning yoga classes 

Expressive Art Workshop

Guided Journaling for Manifestation 

Law of attraction Workshop

Psychosynthesis Workshop and coaching 

Past Life Regression and Hypnosis (group and individual sessions)

The Human Chakra System and the Energy Body Workshop

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The Jnana Experience is be postponed til late May or early June
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Dates to be announced shortly

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