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Lori Drell

Integration Specialist


Certified, Integration Coach, Being True To You

Soul Quest Facilitator 

Shadow Integration Guide

Lori holds a judgement-free space of grounded loving presence which encourages vulnerability in going to those painful places within ourselves and meet them with gratitude and love. She fosters an environment where clients learn to patiently appreciate what it took for them to survive in this world, while supporting them to identify and release their old stories and programming that no longer serve them. This approach allows the space for something new and more beautiful to come in. Please reach out and connect with Lori if her approach resonates with you.

A Bit About Me

Lori came to Ayahuasca after a devastating family tragedy that caused the beautiful life she had built to come crashing down around her. One moment that completely changed the course of her life and now one for which she has eternal gratitude. After the trauma, she entered a very dark period in her life. Ruled by fear, she became more and more disconnected from herself and the goodness of life causing her to feel completely lost and hopeless and life to feel cruel and meaningless. The desperation to feel better and find answers for her suffering birthed a willingness to do whatever it took. Her search led to Ayahuasca and with a determination to surrender and trust she took the mat for the first time, which she credits with being the single best decision of her life.

As Lori turned to “Momma” Ayahuasca, her entire way of being in this world began to change. She diligently applied herself to the often tedious work of integrating the insights, wisdom, gifts and healing that she received from her ceremonies. Healing herself has been very challenging at times and has required a patient commitment to the process, but she is now experiencing personal freedom, peace and wholeness that she never imagined possible.

Lori believes that every human being has their own personal healing journey and what works for one person will not work for everyone. Her loving and compassionate approach helps people discover for themselves that they are their own healer and only they hold the keys to their heart, gently guiding them to unlock the healing that they so desperately desire. Her personal experience has taught her everything that happens in life is just a necessary part of the journey that leads us to pursue our healing. Her mission is to help clients discover how to be fully present with themselves and connect with the consciousness of their soul, allowing a person to heal their heart and experience wholeness, clarity and peace.



"I have known Lori for over 40 years. She has been a long time friend. At a tough crossroad in my life, I connected with Lori and noticed how different her life was. I told her it was like she had the Peace that Passeth all Understanding. She told me about Ayahuasca. I knew that I was meant to do the same. My life changed forever after drinking Ayahuasca and if Lori had not shared her experience, I would not be on the healing journey I am today after a lifetime of trauma. Lori is a light and inspiration to my life. If you allow her to be your spiritual coach, your life will change as well."


"It was evident that you knew exactly where I needed to go, in order to touch that part of me that was hidden, even from myself. Thank you for taking your time to patiently walk me through the darkness of my shadows, to lead, guide and direct me through the difficult and very intense feelings of guilt and shame. Since our last session, I have been able to see when I am in shadow and allow myself to acknowledge the feelings without judgement. Your patient guidance has been life transforming and I want you to know that I am eternally grateful for your help and support."


"She helped me to feel nurtured, supported and loved. She has been able to assist my healing process with her natural ability to hold safe, non-judgmental and compassionate space with me. She has a loving, healthy motherly presence that allows me to process my experiences with psychedelics at my own pace and also celebrates the insights I have gained along the way. Since knowing Lori, I have grown to truly trust my own internal process and honor that my healing truly comes from within. I am so blessed our paths crossed and hold the utmost gratitude for her and her gifts."


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