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Penny Kring

Integration Specialist


Certified Integration Coach (BTTY)

Certified in Foster Care Parenting 

Certification in Reconnective Energy Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl

Integration Coach at Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church Mother Earth

A Bit About Me

Empowering Women.                            

Penny finds it an honor to support and guide women in identifying their inner strengths and conquering the fears that hold them back. She empowers her clients to begin their own unique healing process and start achieving what they most want in life.

Penny will make it easy for you to be open and vulnerable in sharing your own story and struggles. She will show compassion and her true self in every session.

Penny had to face her own fears about herself struggling with love and intimacy years ago. Penny has learned multiple holistic approaches to help you move through your own personal journey. Through her own trauma, addictions, health issues and recovery from drugs.

Penny’s passions include being in nature, family, photography, play, travel, witnessing women transform, synchronicities, and self-love.

 From the age of 18, I was inviting women into my home to help them get back on their feet. 

 Discovering the healing power of plant medicine allowed me to embark on my own transformation; it then became very clear that my purpose is to help women who are on their path to joy and healing.

A glimpse into some of my experiences are: I have dealt with co-parenting; My daughter had a terminal illness and I didn’t know if it would ever get better; I lived with a man who suffered from Chronic Depression; I have struggled with love and intimacy; I’ve been married 3 times. . I Had to look at my own fear around love and intimacy; I had issues with drugs and alcohol most of my life; I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which took me on a path about how to heal my mind, body, and spirit; I have learned the value of finding my tribe; I struggle with the pressure of why us women feel we must be the bearer of all responsibilities. So much guilt and shame.

Penny is a mother, daughter, grandma, and wife.  


But the most important thing my experience has taught is: Life is Wonder. Inspiring and guiding women through life's challenges is what drives me.



  • Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

  • Ayahuasca Integration Coach  

  • 30 years facilitating spiritual groups

  • Health and wellness

  • Family support

  • Entrepreneur- woman owned business  

  • Recovery from drug and alcoholism

  •  16 years working with teens

  •  20 years specializing in Law of Attraction

  •  Energy healing and Chakra balancing

  •  Trauma and Shadow Work

  • Recovery from an autoimmune disease 

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