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Soul Quest Retreat Add-ons

Enhancing your Ceremony and Journey

Below are a few upgrades if you wish to personalize your retreat experience.

SIMPLY book your upgrade and time and enjoy yourself at Soul Quest.

Bookings are reconfirmed at check in.

Recharge Hydration

Direct infusion of vitamins and minerals, like high doses of vitamin C or magnesium to help offset the effects of journeying. It helps maintain a balance between what your body needs and lacks after a journey with Aya.

PRE-BOOK FOR DISCOUNT, During Ceremony the Recharge is $175

Hydrate - Energize - Revitalize

shadowsq long.jpg
Shadow Workshop with Steven Twohing

The Shadow Integration workshop will be focused on doing the work necessary to start to pull back our projections and owning our shadows. This is deep work.