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Shadow Work

We all have shadow. The brighter the light, many times the darker the shadow. A true light worker understands that the real work is on the inside. It’s by choosing to uncover the shadows that drive us that we heal the world. It is when we choose to do our work to integrate the shadow parts of ourselves that we begin the journey of healing the world. 


Alan Watts suggested we are all looking through life as if looking at a mirror with no edges. It’s only when I choose to do my work to take back my projections and own my shadow that I can be in actual relation with you. Until then, it is a relationship with my projection and not your essence. Jung said the person who is able to clear out all of their projections will have the ability to reach Cosmic level consciousness.


The Shadow Integration group will be focused on doing the work necessary to start to pull back our projections and owning our shadows. This is deep work. It will be based on a 3 round check in.


Round One: Calling in directions.
This is meant to call in those energies that will ground us. To identify with the archetypes needed to do the work we are about to do. Like our outside world we need to understand what the directions are and give ourselves a map for navigation. 


Round Two: Check in and work round

Check in tonight feeling (state overall feelings). If I was to do work tonight, it would be around my “resistance” to (state where resistance sits). I choose (or I do not choose) to do that work. If you are wanting to do work, rate it from a 1-10. The higher the number the higher the desire to do work. Then we work. 


Round Three: Check out

“Checking out tonight feeling (state current feelings post session), I want to send my blessings tonight to (anywhere you want your blessing to go) Let the directions go. Just because you are stating your work, doesn’t mean you have to do work. Nor does it mean that we will have time to. Many times just owning where you are resistant can be a major step forward. 


The other magical part of this group is that we start to identify ourselves in others. I start to see that your work, is my work too. The gifts given by seeing someone do a major piece of work can in and of itself prove invaluable in our lives.


I know of many individuals who sit in shadow integration like this for years upon years. Shadow work becomes a practice. Like a martial art or going to the gym. The growth that I have been able to see in my own life over the past 2 decades has been immeasurable.

shadowsq long.jpg
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